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aboutmeWe’re Linda and Bob, and we’re passionate about hiking! We are a power couple in the self-publishing world, and our novels have sold tens of copies on top ebook vending sites. In our spare time we like to scope out the best hiking trails in town and walk up and down on them. Going hiking can be a great adventure that removes one from the stresses and fears of daily life. We love seeing all the forest animals and reading our poems to them. Sometimes we’ll come across other hikers and share stories and barter precious objects by the light of our bonfire. We have seen and befriended La Chupacabra, and he has a message for the internet: “I am a peaceful, law-abiding cryptozoological oddity, and I do not appreciate the rampant rumors about my supposedly drinking cow’s blood. They are mostly untrue.” Thanks for visiting our hiking blog, where we bring you the latest in hiking and backpacking news & trends, and access to the best gear and trails. Come in, browse around and find a place to hike!

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