Three Tips for Hikers Heading out This Weekend

Smokey mountain hiking trails

The state parks in the United States are home to more than 33,000 miles of hiking trails, according to America’s State Parks. These beautiful respites play host to over 720 million visitors a year. We often go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, from the stress associated with our offices, and to embrace the fresh air and elements we are so blessed to have on this planet.

However, what we too often wind up with are injuries from trail hiking. After all, nature still dominates on even the most well kept hiking trails throughout the state and national parks of the U.S. According to the National Park Service, 1,500 bears live around the Great Smokey Mountain hiking trails. The bears living on and around Smoky Mountain hiking areas are just one example of the dang (more…)

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What You Need to Know for Scuba Instructor Training

Buy scuba gear

Scuba diving, which began as a highly unique specialty hobby, has significantly grown in popularity. Indeed, the buzz around scuba, short for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus,” has also increased the availability of underwater gear you can take with you while diving. You can buy scuba gear online very easily these days, and the gear goes much further than just a snorkel.

Although, a good snorkel is paramount to scuba success. Any scuba instructor training will have a rundown of the necessary items for a proper dive. These include but are not necessarily limited to a mask, a snorkel, a compression suit, fins for your feet, belts and weights and plenty more.

The best diving gear keep you warm and safe from the dange (more…)

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