Soccer Is Played in Most Nations of the World

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This summer is proving how popular soccer is, not just soccer in Portugal and other countries where the game has traditionally been played, but also in neophyte soccer nations such as the U.S.

While the European Championships are being played in France, there’s been soccer in the USA with a twist. Copa America, the championship of South America decided to have its 100-year anniversary tournament, its “centenario,” in the U.S. The tournament so far has been wildly successful, with huge crowds and upsets of traditional soccer powers such as Brazil and Uruguay.

While the U.S. is relatively new to the game of soccer, at least on a large (more…)

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Slow-Mo What You Need to Know About High Speed Cameras

High speed photography

Being able to capture images in slow motion is vital for scientific research, sports analysis and a number of other fields. Super slow motion cameras and high speed photography, for example, play a significant role in biomechanics research methods because while a standard movie camera records images at a rate of about 18 frames/second, super slow motion cameras can do so at thousands of frames per second, capturing images that can be analyzed in great detail. In fact, high-speed photography was first used to solve a real-life mystery: do horses’ hooves all leave the ground at the same time when at a gallop? Eadward Muybridge solved this enigma in 1878 with the first use of high-sp (more…)

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