Where To Buy Stylish Gun Holsters

Trigger holster

Owning a gun requires a lot of safety training, one component of which involving how to safely carry your gun on your person. Gun holsters provide a safe, secure way to carry your gun, and can be stylish to boot. There isn’t just one kind of gun holster – in fact, there are three. The first is a shoulder holster, where the gun is carried on the upper torso. The second is waistband holster, where the gun is carried at the waistline. This is the most popular type out of all gun holsters. Finally, there is the ankle holster where the gun is carried at, as the name implies, the ankle. A gun holster belt can be made to be specifically worn when you are carrying your gun with you.

Gu (more…)

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Keeping Our Police Officers Safe With Bullet Proof Vests

Steel targets

Very few elementary school children, if any at all, really know the danger police officers put themselves in every day simply as a matter of course. They don’t understand as they are playing “cops and robbers” in the backyard just how susceptible the police officers they look up to are to being killed every day on the job.

Policing has always been a dangerous profession

Every society that has had laws to govern has had some sort of police force to make sure that the people of that society were being kept safe from those who would seek to break those laws and harm others in the process. It has always been the case and will be the case until human beings no longer inhabit the planet.

What is inherently true about criminals is that they are knowingly and willingly breakin (more…)

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5 Tips for Properly Choosing and Caring for Your Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard ice rink

Ice skating is an incredibly popular activity. More than 10 billion people were actively participating in this sport in 2014. Once popular sport associated with ice skating is ice hockey. Ice hockey is so popular that just playing it is relaxing an fun. As fun as this sport is, packing up the family and traveling to an ice skating rink can quickly become a hassle. This hassle can be eliminated by bringing the ice skating rink to you.

Back yard ice skating rinks allow families to spend time together, participate in sports and become more physically fit. Depsite what many parents with teenagers think, research shows that over 60% of teens actually want to spend more time with their parents, and what better way to spend quality time together than doing something physical? A backyard ice skating rink can (more…)

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Are You Ready to Hunt Wild Hogs?

Oklahoma hog hunting ranches

Are you ready for adventure? Do you want excitement in your life that you have never experienced before? Perhaps you’re tired of normal, everyday hunting – the boring hours you spend in the woods waiting for a deer or squirrel to appear. Maybe your friends have talked about going on a hunt in another state or country, and the idea has gotten you hooked. Look no further, because wild boar hog hunting is right at your fingertips. Our exotic hunting trips will bring that excitement back into your hunting life and keep you on your toes.

Hog Hunting: Is It Right For You?

We specialize in exotic hunts in Oklahoma and, this year, invite you to hog hunting in Oklaho (more…)

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The Importance of Soccer and How it Builds More Than Athletic Skills

Soccer training tips for kids

Most children enjoy participating in soccer. They find it relaxing, and an easy way to learn a new sport while playing with others their age. Some children have difficulty picking up the game, while others have a desire to get serious and improve their skills. Over 55% of children engage in some kind of organized sport that isn’t through their school. Learn more about the importance is soccer coaching, and how it benefits children both individually, and as a team.

Soccer is a Sport That Stays With Young People

Although some sports lose their popularity once children reach a certain age. Soccer programs for young people can start at preschool age and go all the way up to high school and beyond. Over 280,000 boys play soccer once they are in high school.Getting involve (more…)

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Is Your Community Looking for a New Set of Ballistic Body Armor?

Body armor

We live in dangerous times. Times that are so dangerous, in fact, that we have to now be even more concerned about not only the safety of ourselves, but also the law enforcement safety. Finding a way to make sure that everyone in save when you they go to work, go to school, and go to church. For this to happen, however, it is important that police have the proper tactical gear to protect themselves so that they can protect us.
Police tactical gear is an increasingly important part of the budgets of many city budgets. Knowing what kinds of bulletproof body armor pieces are the most necessary can help a department know that they are doing everything (more…)

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Understanding How Ballast Systems Work in Water Sports

Why do you need a ballast system

The importance of ballast systems can’t be emphasized enough particularly in water vessels. However, with so many people becoming interested in wakeboarding and wakesurfing, ballast systems have become an integral part in making water sports more fun and fulfilling. These systems are essentially important in generating a better wake for smooth and successful surfing.

A ballast system is made up of three tanks which are typically distributed in a one-two formation on a boat, one at the center and two at the rear end near the engine compartment. So, why do you need a ballast system? Stability aside, a (more…)

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3 Types of Shooting Targets for Law Enforcement

Tactical gear

Statistics show that, in the last 10 years, nearly 60,000 assaults have happened to police officers. Many officers know how important vests are for staying protected from dangerous criminals. Armor vests have helped save the lives of over 3,000 police officers in the past 30 years. Another way to help ensure every officer stays protected is by practicing their shooting skills. It’s understandable to wonder which types of shooting targets are needed for your department. Here are three of the most popular shooting target types for law enforcement officers.

  1. Steel Targets

    Not all shooting targets can withstand certain types of ammunition. Using a weapon that is too powerful for a paper target can reduce these items to shreds. (more…)

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Learn How to Play Soccer at a Summer Training Camp

Urban soccer league

Camp is a fun and rewarding activity for both children and adults. In the United States, over 14 million people of all ages attend camp every year. This includes summer and sports camps, both of which provide excellent opportunities to make new friends, explore new experiences, and build confidence.

Organized Sports and Soccer

Roughly 60% of children in the United States play some type of organized sport outside of school. Soccer, which originated in England, is a popular sport played by both girls and boys. Around 284,000 boys, and 209,000 girls, for example. are involved with playing soccer in United States’ high schools every year. Many of these children play organized sports in order to spend time with their friends, which was the case with 62% of the children that participated in a rece (more…)

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Purchase the Right Sit on Top Fishing Kayak for Sale to Enjoy Your Fishing Expeditions

Kayaks sup

In this day and age, it often becomes difficult for people to find the time to get away from mundane life and do things that can be fun and adventurous. Indeed, pursuing different activities that can be rewarding and can act as a breath of fresh air in the midst of mundane life is something that everyone should do once in a while, and there are different kinds of activities that can come in handy to give you the break that you need and deserve.Kayak fishing is something that can be extremely rewarding, especially if you are already in love with the art of fishing and have already been involved in the activity. This is something that can be extremely rewarding, especially due to the kind of adventurous relays that it can offer and the kind of satisfaction and fulfillment that it can give you if you have success in (more…)

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