3 Incredibly Popular Motorcycle Companies


Motorcycles remain extremely popular throughout the world. Considering that, it’s understandable to want to learn more about popular motorcycle manufacturers. With that in mind, here is a brief history behind three popular motorcycle companies.

  • Harley Davidson

    Whether or not you own a motorcycle, you’ve likely heard of Harley Davidson. Statistics found that Harley Davidson accounted for nearly 30% of all new motorcycle sales taking place throughout the United States in 2015. Selling everything from motorcycles to Harley apparel, this company continues to remain extremely popular. Throughout the Great Depression, many companies found themselves having to close their doors permanently. Harley Davidson was one of only two American motorcycle companies to survive this major economic collapse. Popular Harley Davidson motorcycles include Touring, CV, and Softail models.
  • Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company

    Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company was first founded in 1901. This is the only other American motorcycle company to survive the Great Depression. The original production run for Indian motorcycles was from 1901 to 1953. While this company had some rough times throughout the 50s, it’s always bounced back in a big way. In 2013, motorcycle fans were thrilled to hear that Polaris would be introducing new Indian bikes. Current popular Indian motorcycles include the Chieftain, Scout, Roadmaster, and the Springfield Dark Horse. In addition, Indian aftermarket parts remain incredibly popular among the motorcycle community.
  • Victory Motorcycles

    While this company wasn’t around as long as other companies in this list, Victory Motorcycles created many great bikes. If you know a bit about bikes, you probably know that this company was owned by Polaris. As previously mentioned, Polaris was also the company to bring Indian motorcycles back to the public. Interestingly enough, Polaris placed company funds into reviving Indian motorcycles. Unfortunately, this would mean that Victory motorcycles would cease production. This means that many fans of this company continue to use Victory aftermarket parts

While these companies aren’t the only motorcycle manufacturers, these three companies hold special places in the heart of many motorcycle enthusiasts. This doesn’t mean you can’t further customize your motorcycle with aftermarket motorcycle parts. For instance, the Drag Specialties motorcycle solo seat remains extremely popular. Many prefer the Drag Specialties motorcycle solo seat due to the fact that many contain solar reflective leather which is known to reduce surface temperatures by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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