3 Types of Shooting Targets for Law Enforcement

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Statistics show that, in the last 10 years, nearly 60,000 assaults have happened to police officers. Many officers know how important vests are for staying protected from dangerous criminals. Armor vests have helped save the lives of over 3,000 police officers in the past 30 years. Another way to help ensure every officer stays protected is by practicing their shooting skills. It’s understandable to wonder which types of shooting targets are needed for your department. Here are three of the most popular shooting target types for law enforcement officers.

  1. Steel Targets

    Not all shooting targets can withstand certain types of ammunition. Using a weapon that is too powerful for a paper target can reduce these items to shreds. There are shooting targets made with AR500 steel plates. Using AR500 steel targets allows for people to use a wide range of weaponry without destroying new targets. Certain police departments may need to have officers practice with more advanced weaponry, making steel targets a great investment.
  2. Reactive Targets

    Many departments are making use of reactive shooting targets. These targets are unique because they have a sort of reaction when they are hit. You’ll find reactive shooting targets that can fall over or jump after being struck. Using reactive targets helps officers ensure they’ve hit the intended zone. It’s not common to find reactive targets within every department. However, implementing these types of targets is a way to offer changes to a shooting range.
  3. Silhouette Targets

    Using silhouette targets allows for officers to have an accurate type of target. Standard targets aren’t normally in the silhouette of a person. It’s important to include these types of targets for officers, allowing them to better prepare for real-life situations. Law enforcement only uses lethal force as a last resort. However, it’s helpful that officers are prepared with the use of silhouette targets. You’ll find there are several types of silhouette targets available. Certain targets will be simple black and white images while others are more detailed. There are silhouette targets available that feature highly accurate drawings of potential suspects.

In summary, there are many shooting target types available for law enforcement departments. Over a third of police officer deaths in the past decade resulted from gunshot wounds. Ensuring officers have adequate target practice opportunities helps to ensure they’re ready for anything. Steel targets work especially well for shooting practice with more destructive weapons. Reactive targets will fall or move accordingly after being hit with ammunition. Silhouette targets help to train an officer for any potential real life situation. It’s imperative that police officers do everything possible to stay safe while on the job, including having adequate target practice.

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