5 Tips for Properly Choosing and Caring for Your Backyard Ice Rink

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Backyard ice rink

Ice skating is an incredibly popular activity. More than 10 billion people were actively participating in this sport in 2014. Once popular sport associated with ice skating is ice hockey. Ice hockey is so popular that just playing it is relaxing an fun. As fun as this sport is, packing up the family and traveling to an ice skating rink can quickly become a hassle. This hassle can be eliminated by bringing the ice skating rink to you.

Back yard ice skating rinks allow families to spend time together, participate in sports and become more physically fit. Depsite what many parents with teenagers think, research shows that over 60% of teens actually want to spend more time with their parents, and what better way to spend quality time together than doing something physical? A backyard ice skating rink can accomplish all of this, and it’s right in your back yard.

Thinking about placing an ice skating rink in your backyard can be a fun and exciting decision, but it is not one that doesn’t come with responsibility. Read below to see tips for choosing the right spot for your backyard ice rink, along with maintenance tips.

Location is Everything

You must choose the right location for your backyard ice rink. Find a spot that is large enough to accommodate your homemade ice rink. Backyard rinks are popular because the back yard usually has ample space to accommodate these rinks. Choose a level spot for your backyard skating rink to make installation simpler.

Size Matters

Many people choose backyard ice rinks to accommodate their family. They don’t stop to realize that once word gets out there will be others who want to use their backyard ice rink as well. Choose a rink that fits into your yard well but try to make the size big enough for your family and friends as well.

Keep it Clean

Most people don’t think that snow on their backyard ice rink is a major deal, but after time this snow can cause a problem. Wet and slushy snow piles up and can become hard to clear off. Clearing ice, snow and debris off your backyard ice rink as much as possible will help extend the life of your rink.

Know How to Handle Rain

Most people think that rain is fine for their ice rink, but that is not the case. During periods of steady rain the refrigeration should be shut off. Wait until rain comes to an end then remove access rain from your backyard ice rink. Once all the water has been removed then is is safe to turn your refrigeration unit back on.

Ice Thickness Matters

Many people think an ice rink is ice, therefore the amount of ice isn’t important. This is not true and the amount of ice on your rink matters a great deal. You don’t want the ice level of your rink to exceed the required level. If this happens you should shut off the refrigeration unit and let the ice melt on it’s own naturally. Once the ice has reached desired level, remove excess water from ice melting and restart refrigeration.

About 65% of youth who participate in sports say their main reason for doing so is to be with friends. Teamwork is another skill that is built while playing recreational sports. Backyard ice rinks can encourage these activities and build relationships and skills with children and their peers. Follow these maintenance tips to get the perfect back yard ice rink and keep it in optimum shape and operating efficiently year round.

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