6 Tips to Follow While Dirt Biking in the Sand


While many people love to ride motorcycles, these vehicles can have certain terrain limitations. For instance, motorcycling is quite difficult on the sand. With that in mind, many people purchase a dirt bike to take out on this surface. While taking a dirt bike out on a sandy area is fun, there are safety tips to keep in mind. Considering that, here are six important tips to remember while riding dirt bikes in sandy areas.

  1. Always Wear Safety Gear

    While sand is softer than many other riding surfaces, it can still be extremely dangerous. In addition, you might find that riding on the sand for the first time takes getting used to. This could mean that you suffer from a few minor spills before learning to ride on this surface. Therefore, you’ll want to bring along safety equipment including your suit, helmet, gloves, pads, and other important items.
  2. Bring Extra Fuel

    Dirt biking in the sand will require you to rely heavily upon your throttle. Considering that, this is going to cause dirt bikes to use up more fuel than normal. You don’t want your fun day of dirt biking in the sand to get cut short. With that in mind, make sure that you’ve brought backup fuel containers. In turn, you’ll be able to enjoy dirt biking through sand all day while never having to worry about being out of gasoline.
  3. Stay Hydrated

    Typically, those who are dirt biking on sandy courses do this while the weather is warm. Considering the temperatures and heat generated by your safety gear, it’s easy to work up a thirst. In addition, it’s likely going to be difficult to find nearby water while riding around in the sand. With that in mind, you’ll want to remember to bring extra water. In turn, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of dehydration ruining your day of riding.
  4. Sit Slightly Further Back Than Normal

    There are many adjustments riders need to make while riding on sand. One of the most important adjustments is changing how to place weight on your dirt bike. While dirt biking in the sand, you’ll want to place slightly more weight on the back of your vehicle. In turn, this allows the front tires on your dirt bike to have an easier time on a sandy surface. If you place too much weight towards the front of your dirt bike, its wheels will bury further into the sand. In turn, this could cause your bike to flip over frontwards.
  5. Steadily Give Your Bike Gas on Sand

    For those not used to riding on this surface, navigating sandy areas in a dirt bike can be difficult. Considering that, you’ll have much more luck moving through sand while steadily giving your dirt bike gas. Sand requires more acceleration to drive through, unlike many other surfaces. It’s understandable to feel timid about giving your dirt bike more gas than normal. However, you’ll find that this is essential for effectively navigating sandy riding areas.
  6. Clean Bike Thoroughly After Riding

    After you’ve been dirt biking in the sand, you’ll want to wash your bike. Riding on this surfaces causes small pieces of sand to get kicked up. While this happens, many small pieces of sand are getting caught up in your dirt bike. In addition, make sure that you pay special attention to clean the air filter on your bike. These pieces of dirt bike equipment are known for trapping sand.

In conclusion, there are several tips to keep in mind while dirt biking on sandy surfaces. Like with motorcycle equipment, dirt bike parts can begin to wear down. Before you take your next dirt biking trip, consider having this bike inspected by a professional. In turn, you can find out if your dirt bike needs repairs. If you should need dirt bike equipment, you’ll likely save money and time by ordering these items online. In turn, you’ll have a safe dirt bike that is ready to tear up the sand.

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