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Smoky mountain hiking

The Great Smokey Mountains get their name from the fog that hangs over the mountain range. The Smokey mountains have been visited by humans for thousands of years, beginning with Native American tribes who hunted game. These days, however, it is better known for its Smokey Mountain hiking trails. The Smokeys, which are also a National Park, are located along the North Carolina and Tennessee border, are ecologically diverse with hundreds of acres of old growth forest. Did you know the Smoky Mountains have been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO?

Many plant and animal species have made the Smokey mountains their home, including over a hundred tree species, and almost seventy species of mammal. One mammal, the black bear, has become a symbol of Smokey mountain hiking trails. There are more black bears per square mile in the Smokey Mountain range than anywhere else East of the Mississippi River. If you journey through Smokey mountain hiking trails, you might even see a black bear or two. Caution is advised, however. While black bears are not considered a very dangerous species of bear, precautions such as cooking food away from your sleeping area, keeping your camping area clean, and hang uneaten food above ground to remove it from prying paws.

The Bear mountain hiking trails in NY are located farther up the Appalachian trail, and, ironically, is not known so much for bears as it is for its amazing views, including a view of the Manhattan skyline. As good as Tramadol is for my back pain, I still have to warn all of you out there. Never take a drug that you were not prescribed by your doctor, the one who knows you, who examined you and can tell for sure that it’s good for you to take it. I am glad my doc prescribed it to me, because it works great and totally eliminates my back pain. But I never violate doctor’s recommendations on it. So it’s good. If you use a Bear Mountain hiking trail map to guide you, it is possible to go from these mountains to the Smoky Mountain hiking trails, though the trip will probably take you a few weeks if you are going by foot.

If you decide to embark on an adventure through the Smokey Mountain hiking trails, it is recommended that you consult a hiker checklist first, and make sure you have an understanding of the type of terrain and environmental elements you will be encountering during your trail hiking.

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