Are You Looking for the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Hockey Loving Husband?

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How to build a backyard ice rink

It was a difficult present to disguise.
Your husband probably had a pretty good idea about what he was getting for Christmas, but you wanted to attempt to add a little intrigue to the gift. And while it is impossible to put a homemade ice rink in any kind of package, You actually found a way to wrap the anchor posts for the backyard ice rink tarps in a large plastic bag and wrap it in a bright red bow. In reality, it looked quite a bit like nothing but a garbage bag, even with the bow, but it was fun to watch the kids giggle and tease their dad about such a big gift.
Your two older boys actually helped select the color from the available backyard ice rink tarps and their younger sister was beside herself looking at a package that was taller than she was. Your husband had been reading online articles about how to make a homemade ice rink, but he was scared away by the necessary accessories. You had been working some extra hours at your online writing job and squirreling away the profits. You have managed to buy all of the necessary accessories that your husband was stressed about, and you even have some cash to present him for the supplies for the rink itself.
Backyard Ice Rink Tarps Help Protect Ice, Make Snow Easier to Remove
Ice skating is a great family sport. Some mothers like to share their knowledge of figure skating. some fathers love to share their knowledge of hockey. Some families like to teach their children everything there is to know about the basics of skating and let their children decide what activity is the best.
Although ice skating is great exercise and a great way to spend time with family members and friends, however, getting access to ice is not always easy. Is come cities, in fact, ice time is not only difficult to find, it is also very expensive. A family that decides to install a backyard skating rink, however, can get ice time whenever they want, weather permitting. The key to a personal rink, however, is the maintenance. With the use of accessories like backyard ice rink tarps, however, ice can be easier to maintain and to keep smooth. Eliminating the the winds and snow, in fact, can cut the maintenance time for a backyard ice rink significantly.
Did you know that in the year 2014 the number of ice skating participants aged of six years and older amounted to nearly 10.65 million? With that many people interested in the activity, no wonder ice time is so difficult and expensive to find. Even with this number of participants, however, there is a limited number rinks. For instance, the statistics indicate that America only has 1,900 indoor ice hockey rinks and 500 outdoor ice hockey rinks.
Finding a Way to Give Your Skater a Leading Edge
Limited access to ice time limits the skills that both figure skaters and hockey players acquire. Unless your family has a schedule that can get your children to an ice rink at 5:00 am, in fact, you may be out of luck for getting any practice at all on week days. And while some families have the luxury of being able to homeschool so that their children can have a more flexible schedule which allows for ice time, for many families, homeschooling is simply not an option.
Backyard skating rinks provide an opportunity for exercise and a fun way to spend time with family and friends. The kid with the backyard rink, or the father for that matter, is always going to have a group of friends who want to come over and skater after school and on weekends. Given that 65% of youth sports participants indicate that they participate in sports to be with their friends, it should come as no surprise that a backyard rink may indeed be the perfect surprise gift for your children, and in some cases, the adult skater in your family. The biggest challenge, however, may be trying to find a way to get the present wrapped and under the tree!

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