Different Kinds of Coolers Make Outdoor Activities Way More Fun

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The summer means different things for many different people, but for most it means a chance to enjoy the great outdoors with their friends and families. From camping, to overnight hiking, to white water rafting, people love to get out and feel the sun on their heads and the wind on their faces. Indeed, there were about 34.4 million hiking participants in the U.S. in 2013.

Of course, in order to do these activities comfortably, one must prepare for them. In most cases, this means assessing last years gear and arranging for replacements, and right before you embark on your next adventure, filling the cooler.

The cooler is arguably the most important of all pieces of camping gear. Since the average stay at a state park for a camping trip is three to four days, food must be kept fresh and contained. Whether you prep you meals beforehand, or simply throw a couple of potatoes into the coals, the fact is that you need something to keep your food fresh in.

About 27% of campers ages 35 to 44 purchased a cooler in the last year. Check out some of the best reasons to invest in a cooler this summer.

Fishing Coolers
Fishing coolers are indispensable, especially for long days and long trips. Keeping your catch on ice will keep it fresh, as well as keep the bugs away while you continue to relax on the river or lake. Also, a cooler will protect your catch from any roaming animals who catch a whiff of fresh fish.

Camping Coolers
One thing that people seem to forget about camping is that you are responsible for feeding yourself the whole time! This means that careful meal planning is especially important, and a container cooler that is bear-proof, easily portable, and lined is a great way to keep things cool, especially in the midst of the summer. Don’t forget the beers to knock back after a long day of hiking!

Backpack Coolers
If you are planning a multi-day excursion, a backpack cooler is a must. You’ll need as much energy and food as you can get, and there is no doubt that stale bread and dehydrated food will get old before too long. Check out a variety of cooler sizes before you pick one!

There are tons of coolers and cooler sizes — one of which is bound to be perfect for your trip!

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