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Smoky Mountain hiking is a great way to destress; it is also one of the most beautiful National Parks to experience with your whole family. You may also want to visit Bear Mountain State Park as well. Go walk on one of the Bear Mountain hiking trails this weekend with your whole family; it will be an outdoor adventure that none of you will ever forget. The stunning beauty and vigorous exercise you will experience while you are Smoky Mountain hiking will help to refresh and recharge you; and you will have many wonderful photo opportunities with the breathtaking scenery that is all around you. Both parks offer exquisite beauty and awesome trails that will help transform you to another place and time, which will help wash all your cares and stress away. Go Smoky Mountain hiking today.

Trail hiking is one of the most popular summer outdoor activities. It is simple to do, and a great way to spend time outdoors with the whole family. Plus, you can find trails for hiking almost anywhere; whether it is in a large national park, in a state park, or just down the street, you will love getting outdoors and hitting the hiking trails. Explore Smoky Mountain hiking this summer with your family and friends, and do not miss a minute of all the scenery, wildlife, and outdoor recreation that will help you get in shape and enjoy the outdoors in a way you have never experienced before. You will see stunning waterfalls, trees taller than skyscrapers, awesome wildlife, panoramic views, and old growth forests. Smokey Mountain hiking trails have all this and more; so take your whole family and some of your friends along to enjoy the gorgeous scenery at this National Park. You can also experience some of nature’s most beautiful trails at Bear Mountain, so buy yourself a Bear Mountain hiking trail map and plan the route you would like to take. Smoky Mountain hiking can be a day trip, or you can stay in one of the local campgrounds that are available. Suit up with your backpack and all of your camping gear, and you are in for an overnight adventure like no other. There are backcountry, frontcountry, and group campgrounds available. There are also some that you can reach by horseback. Go Smoky Moutain hiking and camping with your whole family.

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