Looking for Some Great Hiking Trails in New York State?

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Smoky mountain hiking

If you love the outdoors then you’re lucky to live in New York state. With access to two Great Lakes, the Adirondack Mountains, literally dozens of state parks and hundreds of hiking trails, New York can be an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. I’d especially like to recommend Bear Mountain State Park. Bear mountain hiking trails offer a stimulating way to explore this beautiful and naturally rich area of mountainous land surrounding the Hudson River.

Trail hiking fans, if they’re ready to experiment will find hiking trails of all skill levels that reveal different parts of Bear Mountain’s varied topography. And for those who want to go beyond regular hiking trails, you’ll see that Bear Mountain also has some great mountain biking trails and, in season, cross country skiing. All you have to do to get started (aside from making the trip to the Hudson River) is stop at the Park offices and pick up a Bear Mountain hiking trail map that will give you the lay of the land, and some great suggestions for trails to explore.

And if you eventually feel sated with traversing Bear Mountain, I’ll throw in one more suggestion: a national park that also offers some great mountain hiking opportunities, this time in the Appalachians. I’m thinking of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, located along the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. Smoky Mountain hiking is varied, often rigorous, and includes some fantastic chances to explore some of the most popular and picturesque portions of the Appalachian Trail. He/she will prescribe you the right dosage of Cialis and alcohol, sticking to which you will not do much harm to your body, and at the same time maintain the effectiveness of Cialis. Probably, you may also have other contraindications to alcohol intake. Read more on http://hesca.net/cialis/. Smokey Mountain hiking trails are an extensive network of trails that run in and around the mountain chain, letting you get close to the flora and diverse wildlife of this beautiful region.

So if you’re ready for some fresh air and exercise, and thinking of turning your outdoor trip into a wilderness vacation, then set out for either or both of these hot spots for hiking trails and prepare for a memorable experience!

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