New Designs Give Pontoon Boats a Turn of Speed

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Pontoon boats were first built in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes. This is quite fitting, since the shallow draft of pontoons reduces the risk of running aground, making them suitable for the Great Lakes. Pontoon boats have always been versatile, used for leisure boating, fishing and even as ferries in different parts of the world. New designs in pontoon technology, including the use of fiberglass for decks and more powerful engines, have given them a turn of speed. If you?re in the market for a pontoon boat, the best thing is to visit an outdoor specialist store. Artic cat dealers in the great lakes region will also have pontoon boats for sale.

Pontoon boats and the Great Lakes
Th first pontoon motorboat was made in 1952 by Ambrose Weeres, who lived on the Horseshoe Lakes in Minnesota. The design was simple, with two columns of steel barrels welded together and a wooden deck on top. This boat would be stable in a calm lakes environment. The idea took off, and Weeres earned his place in history with the nickname Mr. Pontoon and induction into the Minnesota Marina Hall of Fame.
For a long time, pontoon boats were party boats, and the decks had all kinds of luxurious fittings like lounge areas with butter-soft leather seats and bars. These highly versatile boats can be used for most kinds of leisure boating, and new designs have added powerful engines for speed.

New designs in pontoon technology
New materials have changed pontoon boats and their long-held status as party barges. Lighter material like fiberglass and improved tube designs have allowed designers to fit them with more powerful outboard engines. New designs have a turn for speed and can achieve speeds of 31 miles per hour with a single passenger. A boat with an average 115 horsepower engine and a full load of 11 passengers can reach up to 22 miles per hour.
With their shallow draft, sometimes as little as eight inches, pontoon boats are well suited to the Great Lakes, but only in calm weather. The top heavy design makes them more likely to capsize in stormy and windy conditions. Despite their limitations, pontoons are a popular choice for boating enthusiasts, whether they?re interested in partying, fishing, high speed rides or just messing about.

Buying a pontoon boat
Pontoon boats are a good choice for many buyers, because of their relatively low cost as well as the low cost of insurance. For anyone interested in recreational and leisure boating on inland lakes, a pontoon boat is a good choice. Outdoor speciality stores like artic cat dealers also offer boats for sale.
Nearly all, or 95% of all boats for sale in the U.S. are also made in the U.S. A pontoon boat for sale can have all kinds of customized features added on, to fit the purpose for which it will be used. Boat dealers are a good source of knowledge for first time buyers.

The history of pontoon boats gives them a special connection to the Great Lakes region. Artic cat dealers in the area will also have pontoon boats for sale. New designs that give these boats more powerful engines make them more versatile than ever, and suitable for all kinds of leisure boating activities.

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