Taking A Look At The Many Varieties Of Camo Netting Used All Throughout The United States

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The need for camouflage has long been important here in the United States. From purposes of hunting to military purposes, everything from clothing with a camo print to camo netting in various shapes and sizes has become commonplace. After all, camo netting is more versatile than many people might realize, and this versatility allows for its usage in many aspects of living in this country.

Here in the United States, camouflage uniforms have long been the norm for military personnel. However, this was not always the case, as the military actually wore blue uniforms up until the year of 1898. After this year, camouflage uniforms still were not utilized – at least not as we know camouflage today – and instead khaki uniforms were brought in. It was not until the second world war broke out that real camouflage uniforms were brought into being for the United States military. However, they have remained an important staple to military wear and quite commonplace in the nearly 80 years that have transpired since that time.

These uniforms – as all military uniforms – are incredibly regulated in order to insure a high quality at all times. In fact, even the buttons on military uniforms are so strictly regulated that they have currently warranted up to 22 pages of regulations, let alone the following pages of regulations for the rest of the uniform. And this is just for the typical type of camouflage uniform, let alone for any specialty uniforms.

And specialty military wear is likely more commonplace and varied than the average citizen and non military personnel realizes. Ghillie suits, for instance, are an important type of camouflage wear for many a military purpose and mission. These ghillie suits, which can weigh as much as ten pounds (and typically weigh no less than three pounds), are typically used by snipers, providing the perfect amount of coverage necessary. And as snipers don’t typically move around all that much while on the job, the weight of the suit is not as impactful as it might be in other aspects of military work.

But the military is certainly not the only place where camouflage is utilized on a regular basis. In addition to military usage, camo netting is quite popular among the hunting community as well, which is quite large here in the United States. These various types of camo netting can be used all throughout the country, as well as in all different types of weather.

After all, winter camo netting mesh is quite commonly found, particularly in parts of the country where winters are cold and snowy. For those who are willing to brave the elements to go hunting, winter camo netting can be the perfect choice for fully concealing oneself as much as is reasonably possible. And winter camo netting is far from the only type of popular camo netting currently on the market and up for sale.

After all, woodland camouflage netting is arguably even more popular. After all, many an animal typically and commonly pursued by hunters will live in a woodland setting. Therefore, the use of woodland camo netting only really makes sense, and is more likely than not the ideal type of camo netting to be used. So while woodland camo netting will not be ideal for absolutely every single type of hunting, it’s utilized for enough varieties of hunting that it’s likely that every hunter (or at least most hunters) here in the United States will want to have this type of camo netting on hand, even just in case.

But other types of camo netting are certainly available, such as camo netting for deserts. Camo netting for the desert might not be nearly as popular or necessary as other types of camo netting found and highly utilized here in the United States, but it still plays a hugely important role for many hunters, particularly those who find themselves living in desert climates. Though not the most popular type of camo netting, many hunters will find that camo netting for the desert might come in handy at some point in time.

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