Taking A Much Closer Look At The Many Benefits Of Practicing Martial Arts

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Getting enough exercise is hugely important for a wide variety of reasons. For one thing, physical fitness helps to keep people at a healthy weight. Once weight starts to climb out of what is considered to be the healthy zone, a whole slew of problems can occur, from diabetes to even certain types of cancer. In addition to this, obesity is actually one of the leading causes of preventable death here in the United States and, in most cases, is wholly preventable by following a proper diet and exercise regimen.

In addition to this, regular exercise can actually be great for your mental health, something that far too few people actually realize. Getting up and moving will not only help you to get out of a slump, but it can actually help with receiving stress as well. While exercise certainly isn’t the only treatment necessary for various types of mental illnesses diagnosed throughout the country, it can help to alleviate some of the symptoms at least, something that is certainly worthwhile in and of itself.

For many people, however, getting in enough exercise has proven to be a difficult feat. From work schedules to going to school to simply being distracted by the various types of electronics that are now available in today’s day and age, there are a million reasons why people aren’t getting up and moving as much as they should be. And the data that has been gathered on this subject is beginning to paint a grim picture indeed.

Currently, it’s estimated that only around 5% of adults are getting even just 30 minutes of exercise each and every day, with less than half of the adult population meeting the recommendations for exercise on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, this problem very much extends to children as well, and children are using screens for as many as seven and a half hours in a day – but only about one third of them are meeting exercise requirements or even just getting up and exercising in any way at all. It should come as no surprise that up to two thirds of all parents in the United States now feel concerned about how much screen time their children are getting.

Enrolling your child in a kickboxing class can help to get them up and moving on a regularly scheduled basis, even if this kickboxing class only takes place one or even a couple of times throughout the week. After all, kickboxing is incredibly popular here in the United States, with more than six and a half million people (of those who are over the age of 6) participating on a yearly basis, according to data that was gathered and compiled back in 2016. The benefits of kickboxing are significant, helping people to improve strength as well as to lose weight, if this is necessary. Kickboxing can even help to improve self confidence.

Of course, kickboxing is not the only way to achieve these goals, as there are many types of martial arts classes available in the United States that can provide the very same. If kickboxing classes aren’t your thing, consider, perhaps, Tai Chi. Tai Chi is popular, like kickboxing, among millions of people, with more than three and a half million residents of this country alone participating in it over the course of just 12 months in total. And for those who are elderly, Tai Chi can be a great way to improve balance, as more than half of elderly participants in this activity have found that their balance as well as their overall self confidence have improved significantly, something that can help them to stay healthier and more independent for longer into their old age than would otherwise likely be possible.

Of course, other forms of ancient martial arts exist still and have been modified to meet the needs of participants here in the United States and all throughout the world. Jiu Jitsu – particularly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – has also become popular, as have mixed martial arts classes (often known only as MMA classes to keep things simple).

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