The Best Of Both Worlds Why A Classic Brunch Remains A Staple Of Weddings And Parties Today

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It’s time to book a party. How are you going to make it stand out in the minds of everyone invited?

Try out public golf tournaments alongside your brunch. Planning a party isn’t just about checking off all the obligatory boxes. You’re trying to ignite a fire in all your guests, bringing out their competitive spirit even as you want them to relax and wile the day away. There are plenty of fantastic golf club events that tick off every must-have, with room to spare for those that want a little more creative pull. If you’ve been wanting for ideas and are low on time, the list below will give you a better look at all the best places to host a party.

Holidays or weddings, there’s a brunch special perfect for it. Let’s see what those are!

History Of Golf In America

Interested in a little reflection? Let’s learn more about how the sport of golf came to American shores in the first place. Originating in the green fields of Scotland, immigrants would bring their unique sport to the United States to take off without a hitch. By the time the 1900’s came around there were over 1,000 golf clubs strewn across the country. Now you can find this sport played from the comfort of someone’s home just as readily as a golf course.

Popular Public Golf Tournaments Today

Whether you have a favorite golf association or are just learning the difference between your golf equipment, you can’t go wrong with public golf tournaments for your party. Not only is it a great way to get everyone in the mood to mingle, it’s also quite good for your health! A 175-pound man is able to burn nearly 450 calories just by carrying golf equipment to and fro throughout the hour. The relaxation and concentration needed to play a successful match is also not unlike fishing, which is perfect for shaving off the stress of the day.

The Appeal Of A Brunch Menu

That’s enough talk about public golf tournaments. What about the food that’ll get people’s stomachs rumbling? Brunch is an interesting holdover from England, taking a few decades to catch on in the United States before being instated in small restaurants and major chains the country over. Brunch is now a popular choice for weddings, birthday parties, and all sorts of major receptions. It combines the beloved trends from breakfast with the hearty richness of a good, relaxing lunch, with plenty of seasonal varieties to choose from.

Trending Party Themes To Choose From

Speaking of varieties! What sort of themes is your party going to revolve around? The average budget for just a wedding reception and ceremony alone these days is $28,000, which should give you some ideas as to what you should be looking at for your amenities and menu spread. According to recent statistics by Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings in the United States are outdoor occasions. What are some ways you can match the zest of spring or the heat of summer with the food you’re serving?

Booking Your Next Great Party

A good party needs to be well-organized and full of fun events to keep people entertained. This is easier to do when you book a venue that’s already got everything you need and then some. This includes public golf tournaments, pubs, grills, beautiful environments, and, of course, plenty of help from professionals. An interesting survey found nearly 70% of respondents stating ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items, such as Indian or Mexican food, are their most preferred choices during a special event.

Ready to party? Reach out to your Newark country club and ask for their schedule!

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