The Most Common Beginner Mistakes People Make While Wearing Gun Holsters

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Every three in 10 American adults say they currently own a firearm, according to the Pew Research Center. And approximately 26% of those with a firearm carry it outside their home almost all the time.

With concealed carry laws in effect, it’s absolutely essential to carry your firearm with confidence and not to mess with it while you’re out and about. You’d be surprised by how many people new to wearing a waistband holster will constantly adjust and mess with their holster in public.

Consider the following mistakes those new to gun holsters commonly make while wearing their gun holster belt in public.


  1. You adjust your holster in public

    Some gun holsters, especially inside the waistband gun holsters, can sometimes feel like they’re slipping if you’ve chosen the wrong size. However, just like you wouldn’t adjust your underwear in public you shouldn’t adjust your gun holster in public. You may think you’re being discreet, but everyone will know what you’re doing. Wait until you’re in the bathroom or a secure hallway before fixing your holster so it’s more secure.

  2.  You advertise that you carry firearms

    While it’s not a problem to express pride in your right to bear arms, it can be more problematic if you don’t want the world to know that you’re carrying a firearm. Not only can it make those in a public space uneasy, but it can give those thinking of robbing you a heads up. As a result, you lose your element of surprise and bring unwanted attention to yourself.

  3. You show off your firearm

    Unless open carry is legal in your state, you should probably keep your shirt down and around your gun holster. While a new custom leather holster or a new handgun may be something of pride to you, as mentioned above showing it off can give thieves a heads up that you’re wearing a weapon. However, the bigger problem with this is that exposing your firearm not only tips off thieves that you have one but it also tells them where your firearm is if they need to disarm you or if they want to steal your gun.

    Concealment holsters sometimes do need adjustments. However, it’s best to adjust your custom holster when in a private space rather than a public one.

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