Tractor Supply Coops Vs. Amish Made Coops

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Every farmer wants the best when it comes to caring for their chickens. Even if you simply pick up a few chicks as pets or for occasional eggs, you want them to be comfortable and well taken care of. Chicken coops have come a long way, and several different suppliers make it easier than ever to keep your chicken healthy, happy, nd safe from predators. When you are investing in a chicken coop, you have a few options of where to buy one. Your local farmer supply store, such as Tractor Supply, offers several different coops.

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Additionally, an amish made chicken coop is a popular choice as well. In this video, we will hear about how one owner replaced their old coop with an amish one.

Clearly, this chicken enthusiast is quite happy with her coop upgrade. The style matches her home’s aesthetic very well, and the coop has quite a bit of room for her chickens. She plans on moving her 8×8 outdoor coop right next to it so that the chickens can wander from coop to coop. Additionally, the amish built chicken coop has added insulation and convenient feeding boxes.


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