Understanding How Ballast Systems Work in Water Sports

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Why do you need a ballast system

The importance of ballast systems can’t be emphasized enough particularly in water vessels. However, with so many people becoming interested in wakeboarding and wakesurfing, ballast systems have become an integral part in making water sports more fun and fulfilling. These systems are essentially important in generating a better wake for smooth and successful surfing.

A ballast system is made up of three tanks which are typically distributed in a one-two formation on a boat, one at the center and two at the rear end near the engine compartment. So, why do you need a ballast system? Stability aside, a ballast system helps to control the weight of a boat by circulating water through the tanks. When water is pumped into the tanks, it adds a significant amount of weight on the boat while lowering the hull. The resultant effect is an increased boat draft that instantly affects the height and size of a wake.

When you are aiming for a perfect wave, there are two things that have to be present. The wake size and shape, which are determined by the amount of weight on your boat. In wakeboarding and wakesurfing, ballast systems are applied differently. Therefore, you need to understand how each water sport is affected by the application of ballast tanks in wake creation.

Why do you need a ballast system in wakeboarding
In wakeboarding, adding weight on the rear of the boat or boating at slower speeds will generate a shorter, verticle and steeper wake. But again, if you add too much weight, you’ll result in a wake pattern that cancels itself. For an ideal surfing wake with smooth and longer transition, experts recommend adding more weight to the bow of the boat.

Wakeboard boat ballast system lets you play with the weight on your boat, giving you the power to manipulate a wake. If you are unsatisfied with the shape of wake your boat is producing, ensure you distribute the weight more evenly to alter the prop shaft angle. This will not only create a much cleaner and bigger wave, but also enable fuel efficiency.

Why do you need a ballast system in wakesurfing
In wakesurfing, the longer the wake the better it is to enjoy your riding sessions. To do that, shift more ballasts weight at the back of the boat to generate a high-energy wave that offers a ropeless surfing. Adding more weight to a boat’s bow, on the other hand, will result in a weak wake that is both smooth and not so long.

The reason why it’s important to add weight in the rear of the boat is to allow the wake to have more push and energy. This will allow you to surf without a rope, which offers the ultimate excitement. Having established that, gradually add more weight to the bow but make sure it’s in line with the side of the rider. Balance the weight to achieve a leveled wake that still has some “push” to it.

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