Where To Buy Stylish Gun Holsters

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Trigger holster

Owning a gun requires a lot of safety training, one component of which involving how to safely carry your gun on your person. Gun holsters provide a safe, secure way to carry your gun, and can be stylish to boot. There isn’t just one kind of gun holster – in fact, there are three. The first is a shoulder holster, where the gun is carried on the upper torso. The second is waistband holster, where the gun is carried at the waistline. This is the most popular type out of all gun holsters. Finally, there is the ankle holster where the gun is carried at, as the name implies, the ankle. A gun holster belt can be made to be specifically worn when you are carrying your gun with you.

Gun ownership in the United States is relatively common, with every three out of ten adults owning some type of gun. The most commonly owned gun is the hand gun, and this is also the one that most commonly utilizes gun holsters. The majority of people who own a gun do so for purposes of protection and over a quarter – 26% – of those gun owners who own hand guns say that they carry it on their person at all times, even outside their home. In cases like these, gun holsters are often necessary.

Concealed carry laws differ by state, but thirty one states allow it without any license or purpose (on the caveat that the gun is unloaded, however). Fifteen additional states permit conceal and carry but require the gun owner to have a permit on their person. Because so many states allow conceal and carry, around 16 million people have a permit for concealed carry and are allowed to have their guns with them at all times.

For those who have gun holsters, style is sometimes an important component, as well as durability. A leather holster can provide both. Leather holsters can be made specifically for each gun owner, allow a large degree of customization to create the perfect gun holster for their gun. No matter what the design of the gun holster, however, gun holsters can help to keep guns safe for all. Gun holsters can help to conceal a gun as well, keeping it from inciting any alarm in public situation and letting the gun owner keep their gun private if necessary.

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