Did You Know Hot Tubs Can Improve Your Mental Health? Learn How Here

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Many people enjoy sitting in a hot tub, especially after a hard work out. This is evidenced by the fact that almost 21 million households in the United Staes are homes to either a hot tub, pool or spa. Research on Finnish men, done in 2014, suggests that regular hot tub use can help people live longer lives. The study was conducted over a period or two decades. The New England Journal of Medicine recently released research showing that type 2 diabetes suffers can control their blood sugar levels easier when they sit in one for at least 30 minutes a day, six days each week. While the health benefits of this leisure activity may be easy to spot, the mental benefits of a hot tub may not be as easy to see.

1. People who spend time in hot tubs sleep better.

Insomnia is a (more…)

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Super Slow Motion Cameras Provide Scientists with Powerful Research Information

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What would you do if you could stop time?
Would you go back at look at every single step that lead to that state winning pole vault jump during your junior year of high school? Maybe you would examine every split second of the moments you had from when you planted the pole and launched your body into flight. Rewatch those moments of flight where you turn your body and head over the bar with your face lifted to the cloudless sky. Perhaps what you really would like to capture is the look on your parents’ and your coach’s faces as they realize that not only have you captured the gold medal, but that you have surpassed your personal best by two inches.
Maybe instead of stopping time to reexamine an athletic victory you would instead go back and look at the surprise on your grandmother’s face when she reali (more…)

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Cheerleading Beyond The Big Smiles And Pom Poms

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Cheerleading. As an activity, it’s been around longer than many other sports practiced across the world, both in and out of high school. As an actual sport, it unfortunately has only gained legitimacy relatively recently — though this isn’t to say that this wait was deserved. Cheerleaders have always been just as tough and physically talented as any other athletes — it’s just the rest of the world that has taken some time to realize this fact. There are many factors that have led people to acknowledge that cheerleading is a legitimate sport. They include the physical tests required of the athletes, the intensity of the competitions, and much more. With that being said, many people remain uninformed about what cheerleading involves, and really what the end goal of a cheerleading squad is. Many stil (more…)

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Why You Should Consider Sending Your Child to a Day Camp

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Summer holidays are all about long, lazy days spent relaxing and doing whatever you want whenever you want. Unfortunately children do tend to get bored during those long holiday periods and often need some form of distraction to keep them entertained. For many children this means more screen time, whether in front of the old TV or the tablet or PC and it is worrying. In fact between TV, video games and computers, children are now spending almost a full working days (7 and a half hours) in front of some type of screen. There must be another way to keep children amused during summer break. One option that is still very popular is summer camp.

These days summer camps need not mean long periods away from the family in unknown surroundings. Instead a number of these facilities are day camps. In fact, over the last (more…)

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Soccer Is Played in Most Nations of the World

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This summer is proving how popular soccer is, not just soccer in Portugal and other countries where the game has traditionally been played, but also in neophyte soccer nations such as the U.S.

While the European Championships are being played in France, there’s been soccer in the USA with a twist. Copa America, the championship of South America decided to have its 100-year anniversary tournament, its “centenario,” in the U.S. The tournament so far has been wildly successful, with huge crowds and upsets of traditional soccer powers such as Brazil and Uruguay.

While the U.S. is relatively new to the game of soccer, at least on a large (more…)

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Slow-Mo What You Need to Know About High Speed Cameras

High speed photography

Being able to capture images in slow motion is vital for scientific research, sports analysis and a number of other fields. Super slow motion cameras and high speed photography, for example, play a significant role in biomechanics research methods because while a standard movie camera records images at a rate of about 18 frames/second, super slow motion cameras can do so at thousands of frames per second, capturing images that can be analyzed in great detail. In fact, high-speed photography was first used to solve a real-life mystery: do horses’ hooves all leave the ground at the same time when at a gallop? Eadward Muybridge solved this enigma in 1878 with the first use of high-sp (more…)

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How the Camera Has Changed Our Understanding of the World


The ability to capture a specific moment in time is a reality thanks to modern cameras. With the prominence of social media sites, many of us find it difficult to imagine a world without cameras. The development of today’s camera was actually the result of centuries of scholars and inventers throughout the world such as the Chinese philosopher Mo Ti in the 5th century BC, the English philosopher Roger Bacon in the 13th century AD, and of course the French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce that invented what would be the predecessor to the modern camera in 1826. Today even more advanced cameras are pushing the limits of photography and challenging what we thought we knew about the natural world.

The Development of High Speed Cameras

In 1878 Eadward Muybridge famously captured a sequence of a g (more…)

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Venturing Out West What the Grand Canyon Offers to Adventure-Seekers

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In a world flooded by an excess of technology, many people are beginning to fear that we are losing our way. Sociologists routinely remark that a majority of our communication with one another is through technology rather than a face-to-face interaction. While this may threaten to change what we know about communication generally, many will find solace in the fact that 77% of all Americans believe that outdoor recreation is and will remain a significant part of their lives. Here are some reasons why the technology and gadgets ought to be left behind in favor of an outdoor adventure.

The Splendor of the West

Perhaps the most popular American tourist destination, the Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon was formed over billions (more…)

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Adventure is Out There The Wide World of Outdoor Camping and Other Activities

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Camping is a well known and loved pastime for people of all ages. Whether you’re going with your family or a big group of friends, the fun is endless and definitely spurs excitement for the next big excursion. But if you’re getting bored with same campgrounds and activities, why not switch it up a little bit?

Camping supplies can range anywhere from your basic tent to entire sports stores. There’s no shortage of things you can pack to ensure your camping trip is jam packed with fun new things to try. For starters, archery equipment for beginners is widely available. More than 38 million p (more…)

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Choosing a Colorado Rafting Trip For Your Next Family Vacation


Spring and summer vacations are coming up. The weather is beginning to get warmer and people are planning their vacations. Family vacations are a great way for families to interact with one another and to share in quality time that they might not otherwise get in a very busy life. The ideal vacation for a family will depend on the family member?s likes and dislikes. However, a great family trip option is that of river rafting Grand Canyon trips. There are many reasons that a Colorado River raft trip is perfect for your next family trip.

Today, about 77% of Americans view outdoor recreation as an important part of their lives. It is something that most Americans enjoy, but are not able to get enough of in their everyday lives. People are often held down with technology and their devices with work and school obliga (more…)

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