4 Fun Ways to Spend Time On Your Boat This Summer

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If you have a boat, it’s probably safe to say you’re itching for summer. The warm weather will bring with it countless opportunities for waterfront fun, but how will you choose your activities?

We’ve got you covered. Here are some excellent ways to take advantage of your boat and make some amazing memories this summer.


Fishing may be an obvious choice, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. More than 51.59 million people went fishing in 2017 alone, and you might have even been one of them. If you weren’t, you’re in for a treat this year. Fishing can teach you a great amount of patience, and you can also get dinner out of it. If you’re more of a “catch a release” type person, the experience is still adventurous and memorable.

Poker Runs

If you’ve never experienced a poker run, you absolutely need to try one. Participants hop on their poker run boats, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and even horses to complete this event. There are several checkpoints each participant needs to stop at in order to collect a poker card. In the end, the participant with a winning poker hand wins the run. You don’t necessarily have to be fast, so poker run boats can be almost any kind of boat!

Water Sports

Kids and adults alike can all have fun hanging off the back of a boat on a sunny day. You can strap a tube onto the back of the boat and ride the waves of the wake, or you can go wake surfing. Even a lazy tube ride around the lake can be a great summer activity.

Visiting a new place

Boat owners typically have favorite spots to visit, and they don’t always venture out. One weekend, pick a new place to visit and take in the new sights. You might just find a new favorite spot to visit.

See how much fun you can have on our boat this summer? If you don’t have a boat, check out our inventory of used boats for sale. You can catch some sun, waves, fish, and even money. No matter what you do, boating is one of the best ways to spend your summer.

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