5 Most Essential Spearfishing Gear

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Spearfishing is an ancient way of gathering fresh and nutritious food displayed in cave art dating back to 16,000 years. It’s an environmentally friendly form of fishing but like any other adventurous activity, having the right spearfishing equipment is crucial to the entire experience. However, the kind of spearfishing you’ll require will largely depend on your fishing spot and conditions.

Here are some of the essential spearfishing gear necessary for underwater hunting.

This is perhaps one of the most important spearfishing gear for any spearo. Spearguns come in a range of options to go with, but the two main types are pneumatic and powered. If you are getting into the sport, there are specialized guns for beginners which are smaller and with less powerful. For starters, a wooden gun would be ideal as you get experience in dealing with advance spearguns.

Find a pole spear or a Hawaiian sling of about 60 cm to 70 cm barrel length, which are ideal for fishing in shallow-surf zones. When choosing a speargun, the two most vital factors to keep in mind is the water visibility and the type of fish you are looking to hunt. Water with low visibility will need you to use a shorter speargun. Likewise, a fishing spot with smaller fish will demand a speargun with less power.

2.Wet suit
Another important spearfishing equipment is the wetsuit, and the main thing to consider when choosing a good wetsuit is thickness. Since you’ll be hunting underwater for a long period, you’re prone to get cold quickly. A wetsuit will cover you from cold and protect you against coral reef creatures such as stonefish, jellyfish and spiny fish. Therefore, you will want a thick wetsuit that is fitting enough for maximum protection.

While a freedive suit can work in underwater hunting, choosing a suit specifically made for spearfishing can offer an ultimate experience. Spearfishing wetsuit provides sufficient warmth needed for marine life and it also features a built-in pad to make the process of loading a gun against your chest much more comfortable.

3.Mask and snorkel
When it comes to spearfishing, your choice of mask matters. Go for low volume masks with high visibility, which allows you to deal with less pressure while freediving. Make sure it fits perfectly to avoid having a foggy and leak mask.

When choosing a mask, there are three main types to considers. They include transparent, amber-colored and mirror lenses. See-through masks are ideal for high visibility waters while colored lenses are preferred in low visibility waters. Colored lenses are designed in such a way that they enhance contrasts in murky water, allowing you to see better. Also, make sure you try out different masks until you find your perfect fit.

Gloves are essential spearfishing equipment that protects your hands from cuts and abrasions. Expert spearos recommends lightweight gloves which makes it easy for you to reload your speargun. A pair of gardening gloves can work just fine, but consider using special gloves made for spearfishing.

5.Booties and Fins
Unlike fins used by body surfers or scuba divers, spearfishing fins longer and narrow. The only thing you need to be certain when choosing fins is their fitness. When it’s too tight, it may result in blisters and cause you to be uncomfortable. And when it’s too loose, you may lose them in the process of freediving.

Fins are important in underwater hunting as they help generate the required propulsion to steer you deep into the underworld. Large fins will help you to conserve your energy while diving deep, although it’s your skills that will get your further. Booties are another addition spearfishing equipment that goes well with freediving fins. It helps keep your legs warm while providing a soft barrier between your feet and your fins.

Other necessary spearfishing gears include a knife, weight belt, watch, floats, and reels. However, as a beginner, you won’t need all of these, just the top five, which are the basic spearfishing gear.

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