Amazing Ways to See Glaciers in Alaska

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Alaska is emerging as a destination for travel and tourism. In the last ten years, tourism to Alaska has increased by 26%. The number of visitors to the Last Frontier has increased steadily in recent years, with a 4% increase from 2016 to 2017 resulting in nearly two million people exploring Alaska – and spending over $3 billion. Why? The vistas. The untouched frontier. The 100,000 ice rivers. And, more than anything else, the glaciers.

What is a Glacier?

A glacier is a mountainous body of compacted ice. Unlike mountains, however, glaciers move. They are formed by millennia of accumulated snow that, because of a region’s climate, can’t melt or erode faster than they accumulate more ice and snow.

How to See Glaciers in Alaska

Depending on the glacier that you’re targeting, there are different ways to get a look at them. They all require a slightly adventurous spirit. Some can be seen on foot, along with moderate hikes. Others are accessible via tours by dogsled, railway, or bus. For the most adventurous, however, there are glacier helicopter tours, also known by the portmanteau “flightseeing.”

Glaciers to See by Dog Sledding

Knik Glacier fifty miles to the east from Anchorage is a behemoth glacier nearly five miles wide. No roads access Knik Glacier, so it’s necessary to use glacier flights or a helicopter ride to reach it. Once at the glacier, however, dog sled tours are available for an unforgettable trek across the ice.

Glaciers to See on Foot

Exit Glacier is in Kenai Fjords National Park, one of the most navigable fields of ice in Alaska. There are great views of the glacier from Kenai Fjords, with a lookout area walking distance from the car park. The walk to the edge of the glacier from the lookout is only about fifteen minutes. Exit Glacier is also in proximity to a number of ice fields, Harding Icefield Trail, glacier trekking, climbing tours, and other attractions in the Kenai Fjords.

Glaciers to See by Glacier Flights

In addition to Knik Glacier, there are a number of glaciers that are either only accessible by glacier helicopter tours and glacier flights. The glaciers at Wrangell-St. Elias Park are among Alaska’s most beautiful and offer a unique opportunity. Take one of the available helicopter tours or glacier flights to the park and enjoy unbeatable views. Once in the park, head for the ice cave at Jumbo Creek: you will be standing inside a glacier. Since the effect of Ambien develops quickly, after taking the drug, the patient should be ready to go to bed. Do not take the drug at the same time or immediately after a meal (eating may slow the onset of action). More information about the drug at Climbing and hiking are available at Root Glacier, and glacier flights from here can take you over Bagley Icefield and other destinations. It’s not to be missed.

Alaska and its glaciers are wonders year-round. And they’re becoming one of the hottest cold destinations in North America. From opportunities to go dog sledding to popular glacier flights, The Last Frontier state is a destination for one of a kind experiences.

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