How to Successfully Install New Marine Grade Carpet on Your Boat

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You are embarking on a new and exciting chapter of your life and have just bought a boat, but you need to do a few things before its seaworthy. One of the most important is to install marine grade carpet.

Choose Your Carpet

As far as boat carpet choices go, you have two main options: snap in boat carpet and glue down boat carpet. There is a large variety of carpet choices for color, texture, and quality so that you can customize your boat’s interior to your heart’s desire. Take a trip to a carpet store or look at carpet options online and be sure to order marine carpet so its suitable for your vehicle. Be aware that marine carpet can take up to one to two weeks to ship.

Measure the Area

You will first have to measure the areas of the boat being carpeted. With a tape measure, get the measurements of the widest part of the boat and longest carpeted length in as much detail as you can. Be sure to purchase extra carpet as well, in case your measurements are off or you need extra for wrapping. Use a sturdy utility knife, box cutters, or sharp scissors to cut out the carpet that you need. Any tool that you use will need to be very sharp to get a clean edge on your new carpet.

Choose the Glue

As there are options with carpets, there are a couple of marine carpet glue. The first is an indoor/outdoor boat carpet adhesive, which is a good match for pontoon boats with plywood flooring or similar rafts or docks. Another marine carpet glue option is a spray contact adhesive that provides a lasting bond for lids and vertical surfaces.

Lay, Apply, and Trim

Lay out your cut carpet to make sure that it fits the space, and be mindful of any gaps, especially around the edges. Then lift up the carpet section by section to apply your marine carpet glue with a trowel onto the surface of the boat and spread evenly. Use a flooring roller over the top of the carpet ensure it is glued on tightly. Finally, use your utility knife to trim around the outside of the carpet and remove any excess.

With these easy steps and some dedicated concentration, you should have your boat carpet installed beautifully in no time!

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